Relic Studio

About the Artist

My name is Kris Remington and I have been an artist all my life. I grew up in Gilbert and while my siblings would go to their friends houses and have sleepovers I would create. While most kids express their creativity through drawing I expressed myself, at first, with SFX makeup. If you don't know what that is, it is the transformation that many actors in Guardians of the Galaxy went through before shooting. It's not pretty bridal makeup, it's monster makeup, alien makeup. I remember being in junior high and transforming myself into a zombie on the weekends. I didn't start off as a strong illustrator but as I started high school and signed up for different sports and clubs I had less and less time to creat elaborate creatures with my makeup so Istarted drawing more, and painting. They were things I could dedicate a half an hour to and come back to if I had other thing to do. Then my senior year I saw my cousin on Instagram woodburning so I thought I might as well try that out too. I created my first woodburning and I loved the whole process. Unlike drawing with a pen on paper you had to take your time using this tool to burn so it would do so evenly. I found my mind getting lost in the scent of the wood. After graduation I hopped around doing many jobs but always woodburned when I had time. Then started Relic Studio in Fall of 2020 after woodburning for over 3 years and knowing that creating this art is my passion. I have designs that I made a few wood pieces of and would love to make merch of those designs as well. I also love doing custom pieces so follow me to see what project I'm up to next!

My Woodburner

This is the woodburner I currently use if you are interested in trying it out for yourself!

woodburner woodburner woodburner

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TikTok: @relicremington
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